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Display of Nude and semi nude female photos and videos in the media and erotic scenes by heroines in Movies are main culprits behind this kind of tragic episodes in the country. Who can revert the trend? No one ! Because either media or movies both make profits out of this vulgar display of female figure.

Responses to my letter in ToI from readers of TOI are as follows:

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My ABOVE letter was written by me in response to a news item in TOI dt  13.5.13 entitled, “Ranchi girl dies during sex” , ……..An intermediate college student died of excessive bleeding probably during her first sexual intercourse here on Sunday.

The tittle of the story is misleading. The story revolves around some women who are employees and are singles. Woes of these particular women on roads or at work place should not be attributed to all women in the City. This gives a bad picture of the City in the eyes of the world. Heading must be changed to reflect the story.

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Saraswati river

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Are Hyderabad’s women second class citizens?A look at Hyderabad’s current crime records evokes a frightful reaction: Ab Dilli Dur Nahi (Now, Delhi isn’t too far away).Times of India

 Good observation by Chief Justice. Justice should not be left to be passed and executed by the Emotional Public.

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One incident shouldn’t tarnish views on all children: CJI”, dt. 17.3.13. With growing demands for stringent punishment for the juvenile accused in the December 16 gang rape case, Chief Justice of India Altmas Kabir expressed deep concern over the “knee-jerk” reaction and “baying for blood”


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