Hindu Superstitions

Materialists call faith and belief systems of hindus as ‘superstitious’. But how can a materialist criticize and denigrate of what crores believe a thing to be true and working ?

 Science of recent times ( last 250 Years ) made so many strides and made man live better and live long, there is no denial about that.

But, there exists unforeseen but experienced cosmic forces that operate every moment in our lives upon which work our fate depends. Use of some mantras, objects are devices used by man to alleviate negative forces of this cosmic energy.

Next, coming to the point of superstition, many think that Indians are only superstitious and Westerners do not believe in supernatural forces. I here with list out some of the superstitions Europeans follow even today. 1. They do not use guard bars for windows.

Belief is that Ghosts enter into a house through doors and when they read verses from Bible Ghosts leave the house through the Window. So there should be no obstruction for smooth passage of the Ghost, hence, no Guard bars. 2.

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Saraswati river

During middle ages Europeans did not go far into the sea beyond the vision of land mass believing that if they go further there would be ‘sea – water fall’ and no coming back from there. And 3. They believe that Mummy in a grave haunts them for stealing the wealth there. But how can a Mummy without brain and liver attain life ? For a corpse’s Brain and liver be put in sack and preserved separately.

The above letter is written by me in response to a news item in Times of India dt. Captioned.

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