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Ramoji dasari,

excellent article sir :-


Harish Prasad,


It is a great privilege and honour for me to be an Indian and simultaneously a Hindu and how lucky I am to have such a vast treasure house of sacred scriptures to imbibe great human values and if possible to attain Vishnupadam or an status free from all shackles, prejudices, differences imposed by the world due to our wrong perception. It is due to the sacred and vibrant thought waves generated by the great Indian sages that a Hindu can strive for enlightenment to the extent of attaining Brahmanhood and claim himself as creator or Brahma himself. This is called Hindu Samskruti. Hindu Samskruti is like water, you can drink from an stream, you can drink from a well, you can drink from a river and at last when you reach the highest level of refinement of mind, you become like an ocean and then there is nothing to drink or to know and you alone remains, glowing like bliss itself. Such is an exalted picture portrayed and experienced by some lucky persons while living within the ambit of great religion called Sanatan Dharma or Hindu Dharma. Sir, in such a background and your vivid description of great Hindu Samskruti, I am also compelled to mention a great drawback of Hindu Samskruti- caste system or Varnashrama. For whatever purpose it was established in the ages back, what is the rationale now to stick to it. Even people adopt profession of their choice, aptitude and capability and not according to Varnashrama Dharma at all. When you glance at a completely strange Indian, can you recognize his caste, the moment you come to know his caste, just then a difference crops up, why do a few intercaste marriages happen in our country and why are their honour killings in the name of this bewildering notion called caste. You are such an intelligent soul, I expect a thorough and intelligent probe on your part on this delicate and very important aspect. In my view, like slavery chapter in the west, this caste chapter is to be closed by all right thinking Indians even if at the cost of caste reservations, at last caste reservations has to be replaced by a more rational system that is reservation based on economic criterion. As you are such a deep thinker and a prolific writer, it would be of immense benefit if you pour out your heart in this aspect of Hindu Samskruti. With all regards.

Janardhan Prasad D V S

to Harishpmamgain

Dear Sir,

Thank you for visiting my Web site: Veda Samskruti. I have been on the job of what is your wish from me. That is I am working on the issue of Caste system and its historical relevance. With God’s grace I may come out with startling facts about the myth of Caste system in a few weeks.  Next regarding reservations, we the public are mislead by the Political party in power and make us believe that the Reservation system is inevitable. In fact reservations at present have little relevance except for political reasons.

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 Dear Sir,

       I have watched ur ISC site heartfully it is an excellent Contribution for the Society in spreading Knowledge in various subjects I may name it as mini Wikipedia Thanking U very much Sir for Informing about .



Dear Sir,

ThanQ very much for visiting the Site. I would like to see your comments on subjects/articles specific that are published in this site. Please see particularly the article on Down sizing of abode of Lord Sri Venkateswara by the Government.

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Saraswati river

Dear JP, Hearty congratulations for opening a new web site to make people aware of how potential & rich our culture, sastras & vedas are. Besides demoralisation & degeneration, we could prosper during last decade. I wish you focus on corruption. This is the major problem we are facing since time immemorial. Every Tom. Dick & Harry who enters the political arena amasses properties by the time his/her tenure ends. Scam after scam is coming up. Everybody forgets them one after the other. The culprits, if booked go scot free end of the day. All these make the progress slow, the loss or burden will come on common man’s head. Indian public became immune to this. There is no seriousness to fight against this. In the morning they wake up as usual start running to attend to their daily routine for their survival. How many people in India know that a litre petrol costs Rs17/- in pakistan and in India we have to reverse the figure exactly i.e. Rs71/-. Crude oil price hikes do not have any rationale.

Let’s hope that “Jan Lokpal bill” with the help of growing public support may bring some major reforms. I always welcome your good efforts and thanks for sharing your views with me. Wish you good luck in all your endeavours.


affectionately, Sastry.

Reply By D V S Janardhan Prasad To Sastry Akella on 16 / 07 / 2011

Thanq for early and immediate response my dear Sastry. Indian taxation is the highest among the world Nations you know.In India central government collects taxes to the tune of Rs. 1,20,000/- crores per anum on petroleum products. And all State governments collect about Rs. 75,000/- crores per anum on sale of Petrol and Diesel. Where as much talked about Diesel , Kerosine and Gas subsidies cost about Rs. 40,000/- crores to the Central government.

And Regarding corruption, I tell you, only those  who do not contribute to the Central/State pool of Black money ( political funding ) and amass wealth for themselves only are booked by the anti corruption department but  not all. So it is big question , and answers are beyond a lay  man’s perception to curb the present all pervading corruption. First,  Elections – political funding question is to be answered to tackle the problem of corruption in India. More over the talk of corruption is made a big subject by the foreign media to denigrate Indian situation. Kick backs or commissions are there in Western European countries including the USA as well but their definitions are different there.

Any way please read all of my articles and offer your comments to improve the site.

yours ever, JP

Sourabh Mihra on 08.05.2012


Dear sir,

I read all the content of ur site.Its really a fabolous site for those person who wants to know all the important matter related to our country.It give a brief intro of histroy of our country to teen agers.

I wish you focus on girl’s birth rate and their education too,we all know our country’s development is on the way,but this problem is on the same place.

Reply from JD on 08.05.2012 Janardhan Prasad D V S   May 8 (9 days ago)to sourabhmihra

Dear Sir,

Glad to see your response after reading the contents of my site(s). Hope you will make time to visit all my web sites and comment on issue basis.

And regarding Birth rates of female child and education of Girl child in India. I take your suggestion positively and whenever possible I would like to go through the issue and respond after collecting necessary statistics.

As regards to education of Girl child – I think it leads to Destruction of Indian Family ideals. Survival of Indian Family system ( Externally Patriarchal and Internally Matriarchal )  is vital for the very existence of Tranquil Society in India. Not only this, India’s so called resilience after any Turmoil is due to the Family system.

Thank You,

Janardhanprasad DVS

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