Hindu Marriage Sacred

Hindu Marriage is a Sacrament. I suggest the Indian Psychiatric Society people to read some Books on Sociology also. Marriage is an Institution not simply to satisfy simply sexual needs. Marriage in India is marriage between two families not simply between two individuals.

‘Dharma Praja sampathyartham, rathi sukha sithyartham striyamudvahe’.

So Marriage in India is for begetting Children, to perform Social Duties and for sexual pleasures. Pleasure of Sex is short living and hence relegated to third place. If one marries for sexual pleasure alone that is, to serve his selfish interests, then marriage would end up in failure. Visit my Web site ‘ Veda Samskruti’ to get a gist of Tri Runas of Humans.

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Early marriage curbs crimes, Indian Psychiatric Society chief says”, dt. 9.2.13. Early marriages, “preferably in early twenties”, are recommended so that “sexual needs are satisfied in an appropriate manner”, Indian Psychiatric Society chief said.

These kind of dubious surveys are a prelude to drastic Legislation to harm Male community.

When conjugal bond is reduced from a sacrament to Economic and Material relation same principle should be applied to Divorce settlements also. Courts do settle maintenance or alimony tardily to give time to the separated couple to get into amicable settlement or to let them reunite.

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Saraswati river

It is in the interest of the couple and also in the interest of the Society. Even in America so many deterrents are placed before divorcing couples to increase cohabitation periods. For, American sociologists found that Crime rate in youth increases proportional to increase divorce rate. Media should concentrate on plight of a woman who had walked out of family system in the society to dissuade women from going for a divorce.

When a woman did walked out of a man’s house it should be presumed that she has sufficient means to get on and has made alternative arrangements for her living. Indian marriage system is sacrament. When she does not want to support her husband to fulfill his religious and ritual obligations she does not deserve any kind of reciprocal obligations from her husband.

For, once she files a case for money setting aside the interests of Children and husband relations between she and he should be seen as economic and settled as such by calculating everything in terms of money what ‘material’ transactions have happened between them. Men should ask the Courts to treat alimony suits as money suits and be tried under Negotiable Instruments act.

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Above letter was written by me on 16.7.13 in response to a news item, ” Study finds divorced women’s trauma in securing alimony:, While the Cabinet’s decision on Wednesday may appear tipped in favour of women, a recent study shows that seeking maintenance through courts is fraught with delays and requires deep pockets.Times of India

Pitting Wife against family system

Perhaps New Family laws are made to destroy families by pitting wife against husband. About a decade ago one survey in London revealed that ” women tell lies without a flicker in their eyes”. Then, how far it is justified to give judgments based on woman’s allegations against a man ? And victimize not only a man but also women who are dependent on him?

“The victim has stood by her statement before the police and the trial court. The victim’s version is reliable, truthful and capable of being relied upon”.

High Courts’ above observation sets a wrong precedent. It is said, “Yatra Naryantu Pujyante ramante tatra devata”. It is our duty to upheld and preserve a woman’s dignity , honour and modesty. Who ever does any wrong must be punished. OK, but HC judgement , according to the news, relies solely based upon the woman’s statement. We may pat our back for punishing a molester for the sake of a woman.

But, unlike in the US a man is not a loner in India. His mother, wife, daughter, sister,etc., dependent on him, also suffer and are all punished indirectly.

New laws victimize not only a man but also women who are dependent on him.

The above letter is written by me in reaction to a news item “Woman’s dignity must be protected both at home and office: HC”, in TOI dt. 21.4.13.

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It is a common practice to write different different allegations in any Complaint to attract certain Sections of Cr P C and IPC. Truth may be different. Media by looking at the Complaint makes so much hullah bullah. After so many years of suffering by the ‘ Accused’ they may get clean chit by Courts. Our Laws are made to ‘feed’ the ‘ Authorities’ and suffer People.

I agree with you Mr Prasad. 498A is most misused section of CrPC. I think this Section was enacted under the aegis of US direction aimed at destroying our most refined, time tested and esteemed family system. It gives extra judicial powers to the Police. And it undermines Indian Evidence Act. For example, Confessions made before Police is not Evidence under law. But, 498A empowers to cook up the case against Men and Women belonging to in-laws of a womam.

Now onward Men who have knowledge of implications of this law may distance themselves from women colleagues for good lest false implication in a case using this law. Women also would learn to subdue their gender distinct characteristics. In the long run men and women may learn to forget their gender !

Responses from readers of TOI to my letter are as follows:


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The above letter was written by me in response to a news item, “Will the new sexual harassment law at workplaces stem the scourge?” dt. 26.4.13, ……The president on Friday gave his assent to a law addressing sexual harassment at workplace but cynicism about its implementation remains. Vishaka judgment, India Inc, Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Bill,

Now, position of Law is that if a Wife makes a complaint against a Husband for alleged ‘suffering’ it should be considered as Prima facie evidence and case should be booked without verifying the bona fides of the contents of the compliant. Irony is that this law is made by men against men.


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Suicides by Householdermen

Nowadays, such suicides by Householder men are becoming common place. Many of such suicides are reported as death due to ill health lest police harassment and / or to avoid post mortem. Men are becoming lonely away form his siblings. He is left with every duty of the modern Nuclear family in which ( in most of the cases ) He is over stressed. When the wife proves faithless he becomes dejected and commits suicide. It need not be infidelity.

This letter is written by me in TOI, dt 23.3.13. in response to a news item about:

Sanjay Banerjee, Maharashtra ATS DCP, commits suicide in front of wife, children

One called Morpheus replied to my comment like this:

 Exactly….. You have said the truth.

The Nuclear family contributes a lot to suicide by Married Men.

It also pushes them into substance abuse, like over-consumption of alcohol, using drugs, extra marital affairs etc. The traditional Indian joint family was the correct way of living as families would have seniors (elderly parents , uncles, aunties etc) who would help the younger couple during any stress in relationships and provide right counselling to the young couples, which prevented the married men to take such steps like suicide.

But there used to be a tradeoff for younger couple to able to live in a healthy family like that. They would be always be under the watch of the elders, so they would always required to behave properly and take due permissions from the elders before taking any big decisions which is usually disliked by the women (daughter-in-laws) as they come from outside families and dont like her husband still obeying his parents or elders.

My dear Morpheus, First Thank You for your complement and understanding of the Social phenomenon that is taking place in the society due to break down of Patriarchal family system of India.

And I appreciate your depth of Knowledge and Language command on the subject. -JP

The above letter is written by me in reaction to a news item in TOI dt 10.4.13. Techie ends life, names wife, mom-in-law



    It is saddening to here such a news. But it is becoming the norm of the day now a days. Generally a Mother in law usually conduct her manoeuvres through her husband in India. May be this is the first time a Mom in law is directly blamed for her Son in law’s suicide. Now Indian high tech society has matured enough to reach those levels of the USA. There in the US also M-in law of a son in law is seen as villain. It is said that a prospective Bride groom looks for a girl who has no mother. So India has developed enough in this respect at least.

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    Suicides by Parents

    If the ill fated Father in law and Mother in law, parents, did not commit suicide media and police would have painted this episode as another dowry harassment case and or domestic violence. Now the story is head lined as ‘ daughter in laws’ false complaint ! But, It would be prejudicial to say if it is suicide or murder. After investigation and prolonged trial of the case only truth will be established. Now it is all police story at First Information Report stage. Police story should not be published as Journalist’s news. For, only 85 percent of the accused in police cases are convicted. We should not be swayed by the news emotionally. Responses: Agree (11)Disagree (1)Recommend (6)Offensive

    One Mr. Verbotene Liebe replied like this to my comment: Sir, we need people like you to write more in digital media, Kindly keep writing.Indian mentality is based out of women sentiments. They fail to see that there are women in India who misuses the laws  more..

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    Daughter-in-law’s false complaint drives elderly couple to suicide”, dt. 20.5.13. An elderly couple killed themselves after their daughter-in-law lodged a complaint against them after a petty quarrel at Ponappakam near Thiruvallur.Times of India

    mental Depression in men

    Cause of mental Depression among Indian men would be always different from that of a German. Depression among Indian men should obviously be because of breakdown of traditional family relations, distancing from childhood friends, disconnection from cousins, brothers or sisters, siblings, etc., These peer groups if relations with them exists would act as safety valves for one’s emotional wants. And all the more putting all the eggs in one basket, that is putting one’s life at the disposal and mercy of the Wife must be the major reason for men’s emotional problems.

    In our traditional family system a man’s dignity and interests are looked after and safeguarded by his mother and sister. But nowadays a man is left out. A man has become more or less an adjunct to his wife. Once he realizes this fact he starts thinking that he lost so much in his life. Corollary frustration befalls on his head. When he cannot get out of the mess he is subjected to deadly depression. I suggest men to take part in social life – by taking care of others – friends, cousins, colleagues etc.,

    And do something for the society by contributing money, knowledge etc. to the society. So that a man’s life becomes relevant in the society around him.

    This would bring in reason for living for a man ! The above letter was written by me in response to news item, ” One in 10 Indians depressed, don’t ignore subtle symptoms “, dt. 29.3.15. Extreme weepiness and severe melancholy are not the only calling cards of depression, a serious mental disorder that roughly affects 10% of the population.Times of India.

    Breast cancer

    Studies show that Mothers who have breast fed two and more children have little chance of incidence of Breast Cancer. So Breast feeding is best preventive course of action for women to keep breast cancer away. This comment was written by me in Times of India in response to a news item ‘Breast cancer on the rise in younger women’ dt. 28.2.13.

    Child rearing

    The Judgment speaks truth about greatness of Indian family system by saying ‘ parents know how to rear and correct their children’. Not only Obama and Bill Clinton, every Western Christian hail India as a fabulous land with happy people. India is happy because of Indian Patriarchal system. 

    Blind aping of Christian Far West is at the peril of Indian Society only. Karnataka High Court’s remarks are very apt and timely. 

    Present trend of blindly bringing in Legislations imitating Christian Far West is affecting and eventually destroying the very fabric of Indian Family system.

    Hence, every right thinking person must ponder once and read the essence of the Judgment for the survival of traditions of Indian society.

    * This comment was written by me in Times of India in response to a news item ‘Don’t adopt gun-and-drug culture from West ‘Judgement by High Court of Karnataka .

    Rapes in India

    It is ok in  questioning the ban of the film on one of the rapists on grounds of transparency and freedom of speech. But, who made the film and with what intent ? It is made by the BBC which is ridiculed as British bull shit by many. And the film was made by paying the Convicted rapist a huge money ( 40000 ) to say what is to be said for the film. Then how much money is paid to Government and its officials for getting permission to make the film would never be known.

    And that means BBC made the film with latent intentions and the film is tailor made to suit the British version of Indian society. The film is aimed at depicting India and its society as backward and anti Woman. And of course it aims at depicting Indian men as cruel against women. But is it true that Indians are cruel and biased against their women ?

     It is astonishing to know for any one that Indian men purchase Rs. 3,00,000 crore worth of gold every year to make ornaments and jewelry to adorn their women – sisters, daughters, and wives. Which society spends that much money for the happiness of women ?

    And moreover Britain has no moral right to teach anything about rapes of women to Indians.

    More than 80,000 rapes are conducted by Britishers annually on their women, Britain is now having a population of 6.30 crores. Whereas, in India with a population of 127 crores,  15000 rapes cases are filed in Police stations. And most of the cases are false cases used by the women to chastise their recalcitrant men. So as the film is made by BBC of England which is prejudiced and takes antagonistic stand against everything on India the film must be banned.

    the above article is written on 10.3.15  in response to the article in DailyO

    ” India’s Daughter: You fools, why ban?When will we accept that it is the increasing rape culture which has gone viral?” by Rajiv dhavan.

    Honour Killings

    This kind of crimes, that is the so called’ Honour Killings’ occur among HIndus also in India. Doing harm to anybody, whether physical or mental, is deplorable and must be condemned. The killer also knows his mistake and hence surrendered at the Police station to meet the ensuing Justice. And the law of the land will take its course. Islam should not be singled out for such horrific crimes. This kind of crimes, that is the so called’ Honour Killings’ occur among HIndus also in India.

    Thing is that Islam is depicted as a Sword Religion by Christian West.

    Their opinion is taken and given propaganda by Indians without thought and harm religious harmony which prevails for 1000 years in India .

    In the USA, which is Christian country, at least 20,000 US people are done away with, that is killed, by unknown US people yearly.

    And Christian West is responsible for deaths of Men, Women and Children totaling about 10 Lakh in Iraq. France and the US military killed 10 lakh in Indo china ( Cambodia, Vietnam ) 30 years back. Indian Hindus have no guts to call Christians as killers?

    Then we have no moral right to call any one a Killer on religious lines.

    But I repeat one must condemn any act which harms or takes away any ones life. Because no one has any eternal right to take away any other person’s life.

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    Man beheads sister in Kolkata for ‘dishonouring’ family”, dt 8.12.12.

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