Brahmacharya the state of divine celebacy

Rishis of ancient India lead celebrate lives by following Brahmacharya. So we have to understand that  Rishis who are said to be Brahma’s children are not natural born but his wish children. In reality they were students of Brahma, who carried      forward the knowledge and tradition of their Guru’s school of thought. (This is an extract from Chapter 19 titled ‘ Brahmacharya, the practice of continence in author’s Book, ” A Tribute to the Ancient world of India “, ©)

Acharya and Brahmachari

Let us have a look at the following sloka from Atharvana veda,

 आचार्यॊ ब्रह्मचारी ब्रह्मचारी प्रजापतिः|प्रजापतिर्वि राजति विराडिन्द्रॊ भवद वशी

 AcAryO brahmacArI brahmacArI prajApatiH

prajApatirvi rAjati virADindrO Bavad vaSI

( SlOka 3152 , sUkta-5, kaaMDa 11,Atharvana veda )

“A Brahmachari  (Pupil) by strictly observing the norms of continence would        become Acharya (Professor), then Acharya becomes Prajapati (Elected head of the   community), Prajapati who follows Brahmacharya would shine in the Court of Indra.”

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Let us look at another sloka by the way,

ब्रह्मचर्यॆण कन्या युवानं विन्दतॆ पतिम

अनड्वान ब्रह्मचर्यॆणाश्वॊ घासं जिगीर्षति

brahmacharyENa kanyA yuvAnaM vindatE patim

anaDvAn brahmacharyENASvO GAsaM jigIrShati

(SlOka 3154 , sUkta-5, kaaMDa 11)

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   “By following continence a dame / girl would get a husband of her choosing. And Oxen would run like horses by following continence, even though oxen eat dry hay.”

The above sloka explains two different faculties that are gained by those who observe  continence. First hymn says that by practicing pre-marital Brahmacharya a girl would get a husband of her choosing.

This example conveys a message that by controlling one’s own mind to sacrifice some of his natural/instinctive interests one could be able to get the blessings of Gods and get one’s wishes fulfilled. And the second sloka tells that a castrated Ox gains physical strength which enables Ox to run like a horse. Even though, both, a girl and an ox, gained by practicing   continence reasons for the result are different. 

An Ox is forced to follow continence by    castration, whereas a girl’s practice of continence is intentional through her self restraint.

This story tells us that Self Restraint would be successful when one has the capacity to control his senses in avoiding earthly and material pleasures. This is the breaking point to      acquire divine powers.     

AND one who uses his divine powers for the welfare of others matures to become Brahma.