Nasadiya Sukta

na-sad nasadiya

In this article we will see the description of Creation of the Universe in a Vedic hymn called as Nasadiya sukta. It is very interesting and amazing to learn how our ancient sages looked at the issue. First let us learn the Shanti Sukta.

Shanti Mantra 

 OM tacCam yOrAvRuNImahE gAtuM yaj~jAya gAtuM yaj~ja patayE  

 daivI svastirastu naH svastirmAnuShEByaH

 UrdhvaM jigAtu BEShajaM SaM nO astu dvipadE SaM catuShpadE  


Meaning :  We pray to the God who always bestows favors upon us. Let this Yagna be continued smoothely! We pray for Good luck to the gods! Good luck to humans! Good luck to our bipad animals and quadrapad animals! Let our crop plants grow faster!

Let there be peace everywhere!


Nasadiya Sukta

Nasadiya Sukta is 129 th Hymn in the 10 th Mandala of Rig Veda. This hymn is typical of Indian thought on the issue of Creation of the Universe. This hymn is wonderful depiction of how the Universe was Created by the primordial God, the Brahma.

OM nAsadAsInnO sadAsIt tadAnIM nAsIdrajO nO vyOmAparO yat

kImAvarIvaH kuha kasya SarmannaMBaH kImAsIdgahanaM gaBIraM

Perhaps there was neither matter existed nor emptiness before the Creation. There was no earthly feelings. There was no Sky and nothing beyond sky. Did a lid covered it? Who covered it? Who can know where that lid was placed? And what kind of a lid it was? Who can feel it? Who can measure its dimensions? Did that lid existed? Who could know it? Did the God knows it?   

na mRutyurAsIdamRutam na tarhi na rAtryA Ahna AsIt prakEtaH  

AnIdavAtaM svadhayA tadEkaM tasmAddhAnnanna paraH kiM canAsa

There was no fear of death. And there was no life also. There were no signs of Day and Night. God who did not have breathe on his own, breathed invoking his own eternal powers. There was nothing beyond HIM but HIM only.

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Saraswati river

tama AsIt tamasA gUDhamagrE2prakEtaM salilaM sarvamA idaM  

tucCyEnABvapihitaM yadAsIt tapasastanmahinAjAyatraikaM  

Before that there was only darkness wrapped in darkness. It is water everywhere. But that water cannot be sensed by anyone.

He was all pervasive. But He was the emptiness bound by emptiness. Still He could manifest himself with His powers obtained by conducting Penance.

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kAmastadagE samavartatAdhi manasO rEtaH prathamaM yadAsIt  

 satO baMdhumsati niravindan hRudi pratIpyA kavayO manIShA  

Then sages found that desire that sprouted in the minds of men. They tried to find the relation between Sat, the reality, and the unreality, through their intuitive powers.

 tiraScInO vitatO raSmirEShA madhaH svEdAsI3dupari svidAsI3t

 rEtOdhA Asan mahimAna AsaMtsvadhA avastAt prayatiH parastAt

They found that power of creation is spread all around. The cosmic rays were spreading in all directions, above and below, and all across.

kO addA vEda ka iha pravOcat kuta ajAtA kuta iyaM visRuShTiH

arvArgda asya visarjanEnA2thA kO vEda yata AbaBUva

In fact who knows when and from where this creation started. Who will tell us the truth? Rishis were born after the creation. So they may not know it exactly.

iyaM visRuShTiryata AbaBUva yadi va dadhEyadi vA na

yO asyAdhyakShaH paramE vyOmaMtsO aMga vEda yadi vA na vEda 

From where this creation came from and what force bears this creation ? Who knows it? Only the God who created it must be knowing, and he may not!


Let us look at this Aksheebhyam te hymn which is found in both Rig Veda and Atharvana Veda, which seems to be very relevant in these Covid days.

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