Sri Venkateswara temple

Seven Hills abode reduced to two Hills

Abode of Sri Venkateswara swamy at Tirumala Tirupati extents in all the Seven Hills, Edukondalu. That’s why the Lord is called as Edukondala Venkanna Swamy. That is why Lord Sri Venkateswara is popularly called as Edukondala Swamy.  Now limiting or down sizing His abode to two hills is a scandal perpetrated by the Government of Andhra Pradesh headed by a Christian Chief Minister. The person who issued the order limiting the abode to two hills is Mr Samuel who could be no Hindu given his very name. 

Hindu Religious Institutions & Endowments act 1987 categorically specifies through Chapter II Section 3 (2) and chapter III section 29(4) that a person appointed top from Commissioner  down to Executive officer “shall be a person professing Hindu religion and shall cease to exercise those powers and perform those functions when he ceases to profess Hindu religion “. If the spirit of the act is to be enforced the Order issued by a non – Hindu officer shall have no bearing on any Hindu organization and hence Mr Samuel ‘s order becomes null and void under law.

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Saraswati river

And not only this, so many belonging to Christian community holding false SC certificates in the state of Andhra Pradesh hold offices in Hindu – endowments departments and running a good numbern of popular temples to the peril of HINDU faith in perpetuity.Time has come to weed out such people from the Hindu endowments department in an expeditious manner.


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