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According to the statement “Government of India assured Italy of ‘good treatment’ for  the Italian Naval Guards who on run and Government Of India assures for  ‘defense of their fundamental rights”. This statement came after Supreme Court gave order to shift the trial to a special court in Delhi. And the SC order states that they would be under bail and attached to the Italian consulate. From this can Indian Babus learn what is meant by a Nation ? Can we see similar action from New Delhi against other Nations when Indians face trials abroad ? 

And what message New Delhi sends to Indians by blessing other Nationals with good treatment during trial, for which Indians are deprived of in other countries? 

After one year of trial now, SC says that killing of Keralites by Italians is a Federal crime. And statement of Italy says that Italy received ‘ample assurances from New Delhi’. Shall we construe it as ‘ Assurance for acquittal of the Italians?’.

The above comment was written by me in TOI on a news item 
‘Naval guards will come back to India for trial, Italy says‘

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Diplomatic immunity does not cover up Criminal acts of Diplomats in the host country. Contempt of Court is a Criminal act on the part the Italian Diplomat.

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