Indira Gandhi

ll along her rule from New Delhi as Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi ji confronted with what I call anti National opposition. Why I call the opposition Anti National you know ? After capturing power as Janata Party in 1977 what they did for the Nation ? Nothing!

I was 15 yeards old when Emergency imposed by the then PM Indira Gandhi (Indira Priyadarshini Nehru). I was 17 when Janata party came to power under the esteemed leadership of Jaya Prakash Narayan. When we heard the Radio news between 1.00 to 2.00 AM about the defeat of Indira Gandhi in the hands of Raj Narayan we danced and rejoiced for I were in Iconoclastic age then. Why JP did not join the Government formed by Janata party ? Perhaps JP did not trust the Janata party people ! 

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Saraswati river

Indira was defamed for her emergency only. Freedom of press was the main slogan to dethrone her. What freedom we have now ? Even MPs have no freedom of speech now. They have to obey dictates of their Party bosses, but not their conscience.

MPs cannot vote for what they believe is good for the Nation. If they run against their Party’s wish they will lose their MP seats. 

And Government at New Delhi is ducking from New Delhi propped up by IMF and World Bank. 

If they believe that their interests would be served better under BJP it would shift sides and release propaganda maligning the Congress. It is all political games played by them in the interest of their Nation to the detriment of Indian Nation. But whatever Mrs Indira did was for the benefit of Indian Nation only. I do believe so.

But now every thing is done for the personal benefit of Rulers at New Delhi and and their masters at the US that is American Manufacturers.

The above letters were written by me in response to news item, “I am part of government, CBI chief Ranjit Sinha says“, dt. 30.4.13. CBI director Ranjit Sinha today said the agency was not an “autonomous body” and that he had not shown it (report) to any outsider but to the law minister.Times of India.

India after Smt. Indira Gandhi

Perhaps there is dearth of Statesmen in India after the demise of Indira ji in 1984. Post 1984 every PM proved himself a lame duck and turned India into a banana (slave) Republic.

When the Mantle of Delhi fall on Rajiv’s head unfortunately in 1984. He was projected as Gentleman of the World by the party and pro – US media. But, he has proved himself as headless. He became a puppet in the hands of someone and reversed foreign policy and changed the destiny of India. He did so many things against Indian system. He reduced Civil services age limit to 26 Years. He sent Indian soldiers to kill Tamils in Sri Lanka. And so on… 

Then see Mr. Vajapayee. He lifted flood gates for Christian missionaries’ funds resulting in large scale conversions of Hindus ( especially in South India ). And he borrowed 1,60,000 crores of rupees from World Bank for construction of National highways called Golden Quadrilateral. Instead of constructing the Roads in Indian way he imported heavy construction machinery worth Rs. 145000 crore from the US and Europe.

నా ఈ వ్యాసాలను కూడా చదవండి


If he did the job in Indian way it would have taken some more time to complete the works, but would have saved valuable foreign exchange and would have created wide range employment to Indians. This debt is one the debts for which India is facing with ” balance of payments ” problem. ​Vajapayee is the PM in fact responsible for initiating the Indo US nuclear deal. And US occupied India in the name of joint exercises. This has turned into the so called Strategic alliance with the US. Then let us look at Mr Manmohan Singh.He was projected as messiah of Indian finances.

He was eulogized for steering India out of every economic crisis. He proved a traitor for India finances. India plunged into the debt trap of the US and he left India debt ridden. So much so that even now India has to bow before the US for the sake of balance of payments crisis. Manmohan singh being an economist he should have made India a developed country by this time. But this did not happen.


India is now having negative growth rate in Industrial sector. India is importing every manufactured goods from nail cutters to edible oils,even body bags for our soldier martyrs. Not to speak of Mobikes, Mobiles, Cars, Aeroplanes, Ships, and what not. I think only things that are not imported are our Clothes.

​Now it is the time of Modi. Modi is being projected as builder of modern India, on the premise that Modi made Gujarat a most flourishing state in India. But what is happening now ? He has extended the presence of US military in India for another ten years. He gave away Insurance sector to the US.

He is asking foreign companies to come to India and establish manufacturing units indirectly killing Indian Industrial enterprise.

All PMs after the demise of Indira Gandhi obviously proved themselves as puppets of the West and eventually made India subservient to the Foreign powers.

” The above letter was written by me in TOI on 20.2.15 in response to a news item, “Did PM Narendra Modi violate code of conduct by accepting suit?“. The code of conduct for ministers issued by the home ministry clearly restrains both Union and state ministers from accepting a valuable gift unless it is from a close relative.Times of India

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