Social evils in the US

Social evils in the US society are entirely different form that of India. About 700 people per Lakh are incarcerated/jailed in the US. Whereas only 16 per lakh people are jailed in India.

Western ideology is misunderstood by us Indians in many ways.

It is English Christian way of Internationalism that is dominating the world now. English Christians make you poke your eye with your own finger.

Human rights, Environment, democracy, etc,. are fancy ideals that are propagated by them to stall economic and political development of other Nations.

Coming to the point – Economic well being does not bring in human values. Atrocities committed by Christians across the Globe and within their countries are un comparable to any other race.

Partition of India (affected by the British) took away 10 lakh people. 10 lakh killed in Combodia in 1970s. Now in Iraq another 10 lakh. (By showing the Iraq example US has subdued India now!) .

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Saraswati river

In the US 20,000 are killed every year by culprits who do not know why they killed the victims. About 15 % of the US people are slum dwellers having no second meal in a day. About 700 people per Lakh are incarcerated/jailed in the US. Whereas only 16 per lakh people are jailed in India. And Wealth of Christians does make them neither happy nor sane. Muslims I think do what they say.

I must add this. I am not a Musalman. And orthodox Hindu. I hate use of any kind of force against Humans.


Doing harm to anybody, whether physical or mental, is deplorable and must be condemned. The killer also knows his mistake and hence surrendered at the Police station to meet the ensuing Justice. And the law of the land will take its course. Islam should not be singled out for such horrific crimes. This kind of crimes, that is the so called’ Honour Killings’ occur among HIndus also in India. Thing is that Islam is depicted as a Sword Religion by Christian West. Their opinion is taken and given propaganda by Indians without thought and harm religious harmony which prevails for 1000 years in India . In the USA, which is Christian country, at least 20,000 US people are done away with, that is killed, by unknown US people yearly.

And Christian West is responsible for deaths of Men, Women and Children totaling about 10 Lakh in Iraq. France and the US military killed 10 lakh in Indo china ( Cambodia, Vietnam ) 30 years back. Indian HIndus have no guts to call Christians as killers? Then we have no moral right to call any one a Killer on religion lines. But I repeat one must condemn any act which harms or takes away any ones life. Because no one has any eternal right to take away any one’s life.Some sporadic incidents, though horrific, should not be attributed to a Country’s or Religion’s Characteristic. When US’s Twin towers were brought to ground by Osama’s men US did not allow media to show even a single stain of blood either on TVs or in Print.

Social evils in the US
abou 700 people per lakh of the population in the US are kept in jails.
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