Muslim girl wins Geeta contest

It is heartening to hear that a Muslim Girl wins a contest conducted on Bhagavat Gita. British saw Indian society through their Christian Feudalism and thought that Indian society was also divided into different peoples on the basis of Casteism.

And in reaction to the uprising National spirit during 1870s in India they brought in Communal divide by pitting Muslims against Hindus and vice versa.

Present day Hindutva parties and Islamic groups are none other than the continuing vestiges of  British creation.  But Hindu society by and large is a sane society constituting mainly Muslim and Hindu religions. Even if we go back to the so called Islamic rulers era in India it is not so different. There are records showing that during Tughluq times Hindu religious processions were conducted in Delhi freely. Aurangazeb imposed Jizia tax on Hindus in his 25 th year of Rule but not immediately after assuming office. Similarly Tipu Sultan donated Gold for making Sarasvati idol to Kanchi peeth. ( This idol was stolen by Marathi riders later in 1764 and melted it ). Nizam of Hyderabad’ soldiers participated in the raid conducted against Sultan Tipu of Mysore and fought along with British soldiers.

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Saraswati river

Coming down to the present day Communal harmony – Ganapathi idols across India are made by mostly Muslims. Many a Muslim from across India would have their heads tonsured at Tirupati. And Muslims do not follow their Sharia with regard to distribution of Patrimony among legal heirs but they do it in Hindu way ( Indian way ).

( According to Islam any property of elders shall devolve to females in the family starting from Mother of the deceased, then to Wife, sisters, daughters. … )

The above article was written by me in response to news item, ” Muslim girl in Mumbai wins Gita contest ” dt. 3.4.15. Twelve-year-old Maryam Siddiqui is a rank holder at the exams in school. But recently, the class VI student has aced a written competition based on the Bhagwad Gita.Times of India


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