Islamic family norms

Islamic Law of inheritance gives little to Men. Male property is inherited by Women only – Mother, Sister, Wife, daughter,etc,. not by sons alone. Son’s inheritance is only residual and arises only after when these Women take away most of the property of the deceased male member. Broadly speaking a Muslim Male member cannot bequeath his property to any one on his own. It must be inherited by his female members only.

And the bride price paid by the Husband/groom during marriage ceremony must not be taken or enjoyed by her in laws according to their Family law. And She can bring up her children as she wishes…. So, I think Islam is a most friendly religion for Women.

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Saraswati river

Till date only one agreed with one recommendation. Whereas 16 people diagreed. But no comments! I think this is due to deep rooted prejudices propagated by the Anti Islamists since long. My Comment about Women’s position vis a vis male gender is based on Sharia as I have read in my LLB course. And contents of my comment is not my invention.

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